Show Box bar, Phnom Penh

Making murals with Eat Cho, a good farewell to PDX

Hello friends, 

I’m moving to Cambodia in 2 weeks. Instead of bringing all of my delicate art supplies abroad, I’ve decided to downsize and work with one of my other favorite mediums, ye olde fashioned ballpoint pen. I’ve started a new website, Endless Braid, which will focus on ballpoint illustration, travel stories etc. 

I hope you check it out! 

Much love,


Jo Jo the Dog-Faced boy

In the style of the fool. 

The Strongman

Wood and acrylic

For Tasty Gallery, Seattle WA

The Tattooed Lady 

Wood and acrylic. For Tasty Gallery, Seattle WA. 

ORACLE has been slow in the whirlwind of events. I’m moving to Washington DC next month for 4 months with my partner and then to Cambodia for who knows how long (until I get dengue fever?). Majorly clearing house right now to get ready for the move, discounted prints and original art up on ETSY: